Fell off the wagon…

It was a long, rainy weekend…and I fell off the wagon. Darn the family reunion! One small slip turned into a four day carb fest and now I feel all icky. I’ve had a headache for days. We’re trying to get back to normal but it’s slow going. I am really having a hard time behaving. So to combat that, the menu for next week is comprised of every HFLC favorite we’ve found in the last couple of months to help us remember that we can have great food without binging on junk, and remind us why we are doing this in the first place. I’m tired of avoiding the scale!

Other than that, nothing exciting to report. Munchkin is growing like a weed and learning new stuff every day…it kind of blows my mind how smart she is getting. Plus we have to remember to watch our potty mouths around her lol. My BFF is coming in about 10 days, and staying for a week….exciting but also makes me nervous. I tend to eat all crazy when she’s around. Plus she’s in a funk because she told the guy she’s liked for…6 months? more?….that she likes him and he shut her down. 😦 So I’ll have to think of some fun, non-diet damaging ways of cheering her up.

Hmm…I’m working on a crazy delicious sounding ice cream recipe for next week’s yum. It sounds like it’s going to be delicious but also a very involved process. If it turns out I’ll let you guys know 🙂

What’s new out there? Anyone having successes to share? Let me know!


Checking in…

Nothing new or exciting to report…just tons of slacking on my part 😦 ugh. Gotta find my motivation. Where did it go?!?!?!  I have a great tan though, does that count for anything? lol. I’ve been spending tons of time at the water park with the munchkin lately since the weather has finely been both hot and dry for the first time this year. So I do a decent amount of walking at least? I can rationalize anything…

Also, I NEVER should have bought an ice cream maker LOL!! Oh my word…I’d never made it before last week, and I’ve made like 4 batches already. It’s low carb, it’s fabulous…and dangerous haha. Each batch is supposed to be 10 servings; hubs, kiddo, and I polish each off in two sittings. And the kiddo doesn’t eat much lol. So deliciously awful. It’s the best/worst mistake I’ve ever made haha.

I won a free pizza from Domino’s yesterday, so hubs and I splurged on that. And we didn’t finish it, so today turned into a cheat day, too; slippery slope. Bleh. I feel like crap, literally and figuratively. I’m prone to guilt anyway lol. It is what it is though. I at least need to start tracking my food in my fitness pal again. And I need someone to make me accountable! I obviously am not strong enough to stay accountable for more than a few months at a time.

It never fails…once I hit the three month mark or so when I commit to being healthy, I start to get comfortable/lazy…and then I start slacking. No more!! I realize it, and that’s the first step to making a change. The munchkin has more energy every day, and I need to be able to keep up. Not to mention, I don’t want her to be ashamed of me when she gets older. She won’t remember me like this if I make a change now. She’ll remember a happy, healthy, confident mama…and that’s what I want for her. The last thing I want to do is pass on my insecurities to her!!

I’m so tired  I can’t even think straight…..this post is so jumpy and random lol. Sorry guys, I’ll try to be coherent next time!

I must lead a boring life…

Nothing new to report. Avoiding the scale for a while in the hopes that I will focus less on it. I don’t feel any lighter/different, and I’ve been slacking on tracking my food intake…so I’m pretty sure I’m still hovering right where I have been for a month now. Blah.

Despite how terrible that sounded, I’m feeling significantly less grumpy than I was the last time I posted haha. Just staying busy with stuff around here. Chasing after a 19 month old is a full time job! And exhausting lol. I’ve been trying some new recipes lately just to change up what we’re eating and I gotta say…I hate coconut flour!! Ugh it absorbs so much liquid I can’t make it work, everything turns out all dry and gross. BOO!

I did, however, make homemade ice cream for the first time in my life Monday. Not to toot my own horn or anything but DAMN it was good lol!! It was a vanilla base with cookie dough mixed in (low carb, of course). And while you could tell it was a “healthified” version of the real deal, I was still super happy with it. I’m going to make another batch tomorrow I think haha. But maybe a caramel praline swirl…*drool*

Maybe that’s the reason my scale isn’t budging….lol.

Nothing else much to report. Hubby and I re-started our 30 day challenge because we were averaging getting our workouts in about every other day. We’ve already skipped one day again this week (hubby’s family was visiting and stayed late) and it’s only Wednesday so chances are, we’ll be starting over AGAIN lol. I guess in the long run it’s really not that bad, it gets us up and moving more than we would be if we weren’t trying to adhere to it, I also got an email from My Fitness Pal about a 30 day walking challenge that seems pretty doable. It’s a bit less strenuous than the one I had found a while back. That one had you at 16K steps by the end, the MFP one tops out at 10K. So hopefully I can talk the hubs into some evening walks; I’m sure the kiddo will love that!

Anywho, that’s it for me. Just livin’ life one day at a time and trying to keep myself in check.

Holy cow!! How could I forget?!?!?! I’m going to audition for Wheel of Fortune this weekend, so wish me luck everyone! I need all the good vibes I can get!

I’ve always loved the show (seriously, I started watching when I was like 4…even mini me was awesome lol) so I’m hoping to get picked! Not to mention it would be huge financially, but I’ll try not to get too far ahead of myself lol. Gotta make it through the first round of auditions, first.

And now I’m done rambling lol. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Nothing new

Not much going on over here. Still trucking along, trying to be healthy. Staying away from the scale because I can tell it’s not really changing….probably because I like beer too much lol. I need to not consume alcohol for a week, and really buckle down and prove to myself that I can do this, rather than just sabotaging myself over and over again.

Munchkin and I had a play date at the park today with a friend of mine from college. She took some pictures and I happen to be in the background of some of them; I literally want to cry. You know how you have an image of how you look in your mind? Yeah…seeing the reality was a VERY rude awakening. Barf! I knew I was bad, but seeing the difference in pre and post baby me is just…ouch. It’s only a difference of 30 pounds at this point, which I thought I at least carried pretty well, but as I saw today, oh hell no I don’t lol. Which I suppose, does anybody really ever carry extra weight “well”? No. I really want to know what I would look like thin. I want to be healthy for my daughter and any other kids that might come along. I want to live a long, happy life with my husband. I want to not be held back from doing things because of my size. I don’t want to be ashamed of the way I look any more…so why isn’t that enough motivation?? What is it going to take??

Ugh..rant, sorry.

There are several women in my life–friends from a plus size mommy group on facebook, as well as my best childhood friend–who are contemplating getting either the lap band surgery or gastric bypass. My aunt and her two daughters had the surgeries as well. I can’t help but see that as an easy out It irks me that most of those women haven’t even attempted to try to lose weight on their own. If you’ve tried and failed, that’s one thing. Why is surgery the first option? So many of those surgeries fail because the people don’t change their habits, so they put themselves through all of that just to end up right back where they started!

On the other hand…I have no room to judge, when I can’t stick with what I’m trying to do either. I’m just in a weird ranty kind of mood so I guess I better just call it a day.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

A memorable Memorial Day

Had a blast with the kiddo today. We went back to the water park, and Bug was even braver than she was last time…I have a feeling she’ll be a totally different kid by the end of the summer!

Had fun with the ‘rents yesterday as well. Although…………it was bad news bears. Hubs and I had our first cheat day.*Le Sigh* We went out for breakfast, hubs and I both ordered an omelet, I asked for tomatoes instead of hashbrowns, but got the toast so I could give it to the munchkin (this place makes all their own bread and it’s phenomenal, whole grain, amazing, etc lol)…hubby didn’t make any substitutions. Our meal came, we ate our omelets, and look at each other like “where is the rest of our breakfasts?!?!” lol. He stayed away from his potatoes, but ate a piece and a half of toast, and I had a piece of toast as well. Ugh….and that’s not the worst of it. We live across the street from a fast food restaurant that does 1/2 price milkshakes all summer long. And they are *phenomenal*!! So we decided, since we’d already cheated by eating bread (of all things to cheat on, a freaking piece of TOAST?!?!?!) we’d go ahead and splurge on one. Each. I’m lactose intolerant, so they  make my stomach hurt on the best of days, but I love them lol. Holy tummy ache afterwards though!!!!

So today has been awful, I’ve been ravenous all day and craving all the things I’m not supposed to have. Hubs is the same. It’s miserable. Dinner should have been amazing, I made a crock pot Asian Beef and Broccoli….most chinese food is off limits to LC’ers because of the sauces, but I made it work. And instead of being happy, I’m sitting here still hungry and thinking about chicken strips LOL. I’m determined to stay strong though. If I give in again today, tomorrow will be just like today I’m sure.

So I’ll just really push to drink water over the next few days and keep it together, stay strong…no more carb binges!! I know a day once in a blue moon isn’t the worst thing ever, but I already haven’t been seeing the progress I want to, so I want to buckle down and keep my nose to the grindstone. I’m hoping adding back in a daily workout will up my pace. I’ve been told High Intensity Interval Training is where it’s at, along with weight training, so I’m going to look into that as well.

Wow I ramble a lot lol. Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend, or an awesome Monday if you didn’t get a long weekend!

Fun Day!

Nothing new or exciting to report; I’ve been doing better about drinking my water the last couple days, and making a concerted effort to keep my carbs under 25 grams per day. So far, so good! I’m ready to be out of the 290’s and get back to making some real strides with losing weight. I’ve started doing 10 squats per day the last couple days just to get us somewhat geared up to start the challenge Tuesday. I can’t wait!

Today was a blast; this morning, we took the kiddo to the zoo. We came home for lunch and a nap, then spent the afternoon at the waterpark. My girl LOVED it!! She definitely gets that from me–I could swim before I could walk. So I’m really excited to share that with her, and excited that we bought season passes so I’ll be spending lots of time there with her this summer. Her little face was priceless!

So I made those cupcakes I mentioned a couple days ago….not impressed! I’m not entirely sure how mine turned out so meh but I’m def going to continue to search for a handful of dessert recipes that are fabulous. I am nervous to cobble some of my own together since I’m not familiar with all the different flour alternatives yet, and they’re kind of pricey ingredients. But baking is my thing, so I feel…naked…without having an arsenal of things to make at my disposal!

That’s it for today I suppose…My folks are coming for the day tomorrow, should be fun. My dad is much happier now that he finally got away from his old job and into one that is less stressful and tiresome. It’s like talking to a different man. And munchkin is finally out of her shy phase so she loves spending time with her Mimi and Poppa. Their cheeky grins light up the room when they’re together…love it!


Almost the weekend!

Can’t wait for the long weekend coming up! We have no plans and I couldn’t be more excited for that haha, isn’t that weird? I must have been wrong about all the bloat being gone, I was down another pound this morning, so I’m not too far off of where I started, which is crazy exciting!!

I fell off the water wagon today 😦 5 Cups. Terrible! But I needed the caffeine from the soda I had, I’ve been battling this headache for a couple days now, which I find odd, since I haven’t been having headaches nearly as often as I was before we switched to low carbing. Chalk it up to hormones, I suppose. My appetite has gotten back to normal, and the fatigue from our vacation has worn off…I think it’s because we’re eating lots of veggies again. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it could make in how I feel from day to day!

I’m excited to make those cupcakes tomorrow! I’m making the hubs and I a steak dinner to enjoy and they’re going to be the perfect dessert. Well almost; for him, the perfect dessert involves peanut butter lol.

I printed out the sheet for our 30 day challenge and taped it to the mirror in our bedroom; I’m actually kind of pumped to get started again. I also want to find some weights to use…muscle burns fat, so I wanna get ripped lol! I’m feeling crazy motivated today for some reason.

Anyway, end ramble lol. Anyone have exciting plans for the holiday?